Giddy Up: Spring Time Roundup

Have you ever passed by a home with dirt thrown on the grass, dandelions as their flowerbed and some randomly placed shrubs (or as I like to call, weeds)? While everyone wants that dream garden, and perfect lawn that makes their neighbours 'green' with envy, not everyone has the time. 

Here are some fabulous, and easy ways to create an outdoor paradise this season. 
First let’s plant some colourful perennials.  Perennials are perfect because they will grow back every year saving you money and time.  

My favourite is Coreopsis. This yellow 
flower is sure to cause a stir with its vibrant sunshine glow.
   Hosta's are perfect because it comes in a wide colour assortment
After tidying up the yard, why not revamp the porch or walkway? There’s a fast and easy approach to re-surfacing cracked concrete or stained plywood. It’s called...envirotile  What an amazing invention! I’ve tried pavers in my previous landscaping projects and they are so heavy and require major prep work. This product weighs only 8 pounds and it’s so easy to install! 

envirotile™ Grey
envirotile™ Terra Cotta
Multy Home LP’s envirotile Exclusively sold at Home Depot, $7.99

envirotile™ Earth

 Here's the finished result. Amazing! This season give your yard some easy sophistication with envirotileso you stop worrying about your yard, and start enjoying the hot summer months ahead!
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