Take the Party Outside; Entertain Your Patio

Entertaining large crowds can challenge any party thrower. What to make... who to invite... and most importantly, where to put everyone? Sometimes limited space can ruin a party. This season, bring the celebration outdoors by reinventing your backyard.

Invest in some Outdoor Living furniture.

 Reinstalling those old pavers creates a huge hassle. There’s a great item on the market called envirotile

This product requires limited prep work. Simply place on any flat surface and voila-perfect looking pavers. Made entirely from used tires diverted from landfills. envirotile is an eco-friendly option that’s affordable and chic!
Multy Home LP’s envirotile Sold exclusively at Home Depot stores, $7.99 per tile (www.envirotile.ca)

 To further accent your outdoor living space include a mat.
 While your guests are gushing over the great food and music at your party, these simple tips will have them talking for days about your elegant patio decor – and maybe even inspire them to throw an outdoor party of their own!

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