Backyard Patterns and Colours for the Summer Outdoors

Last weekend, we were outside on the patio eating dessert and drinking tea. The weather was gorgeous and we couldn't help but notice the neighbor's bright patio furniture. It announced itself stating: “I’m here!” We looked down at our own brown, outdated chairs and cushions and realized we needed a change that would give our backyard a little bit of life.

Here are some great ways to give your backyard some added personality:

Blue Muskoka chairs are perfect to enhance the back or front yard. These roomy and comfortable chairs are popping up all over the place, and they are the perfect way to not only spice up the patio, but to also sit back and enjoy the summer.  Muskoka chairs, Home Depot, $14.99 Recycled rubber envirotile™ flooring, Home Depot, $6.99.

These bold chair covers and pillows are a must-have! The detailed designs in red and orange accentuate neutral toned patio furniture; so instead of throwing out those old chairs, make them new all over again with fun patterns that are perfect for the outdoors. -- Martha Stewart Living, Home Depot, $14.99 (pillow) $39.99 (chair cover)

Mats are a perfect way to protect your deck, but they can also enhance any outdoor space. Find patterns and colors that will compliment your patio furniture, your deck or patio stones; even your favorite flowers in the garden!

Multy Home, LP, Monaco Mat, Costco

Martha Stewart Living, Home Depot, $99.99

Martha Stewart Living, Home Depot, $89.99

Keep cool under a colorful umbrella that will have guests gushing over the beautifully styled backyard.

These small and inexpensive tips enhances any outdoor decor or deck– so enjoy your tea with a touch of panache because summer will soon be gone in a flash!

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