Tracy Moore – CityLine's “Around the House” Projects at Its Best

We went from wet and drab to hot and fab - no spring this season! Officially, summer begins on June 21st, but these warmer than seasonal temperatures have made me in the mood to party (reclusively, of course!)
To do so, we need a nice cool drink in hand. Tracy Moore, from CityLine, has recommended this ‘summer drink.’

I agree that this looks absolutely scrumptious.
Tracy also recommends envirotile™ to bring out your backyard beauty in ‘around the house’ projects. Check out her clip about envirotile™ on this CityLine episode:

Here are a few images to further inspire...

Remember that these items are sold exclusively at Home Depot stores in Canada and the US. So visit www.homedepot.ca or www.homedepot.com and begin your DIY projects.

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