10 Stylish Sensations, under $20

On a tight budget? Decorating to the nines can leave you unimpressed and disappointed. Here are 10 simple ways to elegantly enhance a room without burning a hole in your pocket.

Room Swap
1.     Taking furniture pieces from other rooms brings new life to an old space. For example, a bean bag or wicker chair perfectly enhances and adds an extra seat for guests. This costs absolutely nothing and allows for a change in scenery. To really spruce up the room, paint the accent piece to add a color pop.  
Cushiony Softness
2.     Adding cushions and throw pillows to a room in bright patterns can bring in new elements of color that are sure to cause a stir. Cost: $9.95, Walmart.ca
Superincumbent Corbel
 3.     Adding a simple perch to accessorize a room not only brings in new shelving for organization but creates a focal piece.  Cost: $19.99, Ikea.com
 Mirror Marvel
4.     Mirrors are often used in bathrooms. Try putting an oblong sized mirror, horizontally, in the upstairs hallway. It’s a great way to open up a space while doing a quick hair and makeup check. Cost: $19.99, Ikea.com
Throw Scarves
5.     Use scarves as throws on beds, dressers and sofas. This inexpensive item can easily add color to a room while keeping you warm. Cost: $19.50, johnhanly.com 

6.     Want to keep things ‘green’ and eco-friendly? Add a potted plant to the mix.  It easily enhances a room and augments an earthy ambiance. Cost: $15.96, homedepot.com
String up some fun
7.     Get a glass bowl and put different colored woven yarns, big and small, in it. Not only does it add texture, but it easily warms a room. When the mood strikes-simply replace with other colors. Cost: $3.95, knitpicks.com

Oceanic Jars
 8.     Fill up a jar with tranquil items that remind you of the ocean. Add a blue color-punch to the room and you will feel oh so calm.  Cost: $1.20, julianroe.co.uk 
Hallway Upheaval
9.     Mayham in the front entrance can be caused by dirty shoes, which, unfortunately, lead to dirty floors. Place a mat at the front entrance with stripes to elongate the hallway thus keeping floors clean. Cost: $19.98, Walmart.com 
'Tis the Season
10.     Everyone loves the holidays, so why not bring reds and greens in with select candles. The soothing aroma will have you basking in this seasonal element all year long. Cost: $13.97, mygiftsite.com
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