Chevron Trend: Less is More

V for victorious. No. V for Chevron! This zigzag stripe is the new home décor trend. From mats, to pillows, to throws and more, this print adorns every living space and makes it pop with modernity.
Such a solid ornamental piece should be neutralized with lighter tones or one-tone colors. Here are ways to use this print without over-doing the chevron. 

The light grey compliments the dark army green. It opens up this small space by creating a busy focal point that creates a cozy ambiance. 

Throw pillows in bold chevron stripes are perfect, especially on this clean white linen. 

This textured rug shows how two-toned colours can balance and compliment an overall space.

For the eclectic homeowner, this striking design is sure to please. 

 This front entrance shows how a traditional look can accent, especially the handcrafted natural oak table and stool. 

Design pieces that serve a dual purpose are perfect. This end table keeps clothes and items neatly tucked away, while enhancing the wood floors and bed.

Curtains are an excellent way to bring the chevron print into a home. Simple and trendy, these lovely yellow V stripes perfectly match the lime green walls. 
All of the above designs are seen in various blogs that love the chevron. Here are their links if you want further inspiration.

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