Be bold, beautiful and brave by personalizing your room

Riveting Red

Most people opt for neutral colours when decorating their homes. Try livening up a room with splashes of red. Incorporating vibrant colour punches creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. Throw pillows and throw rugs in bright reds are great ways to make a space come alive. Center pieces, such as fake fruit, rose pedals, or decorative paper weights can also bring a room together – without going over budget.

Vivacious Purple

For a luxuriously elegant look, try using the colour purple in a room. Often overlooked when decorating, purple can create drama in a space, and even harmonize an overly dark room. In a three walled space, paint one area a deep purple; this can give the room some sophistication. For an extra colour pop, try adding purple curtains to a window, or a purple throw to the bed. 

Oceanic Blue

For a calming ambiance, incorporate the colour blue through a furniture piece such as a couch, bed or even curtains. Blue can appear as a neutral tone, yet it can still give dimension to a neutral room. For best results, use the colour blue in different shades and colours to give the space some versatility.

Historic Green

Green is such a rustic colour that can give any room an authentic , outdoor atmosphere.  A light green tablecloth design will easily create that country feel, but if you want to go that extra mile, paint the cabinets green and add a throw rug to the mix to make a charming prairie cottage.

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