Garden Fun for the Young

Finding outdoor activities that are relaxing, yet enjoyable can be challenging – especially when you have young kids home for summer vacation. Try keeping it simple. Let kids feel ‘grown-up’ by letting them help mom or dad in the garden. Kids thrive on being involved in projects that create a sense of responsibility, so let them water the plants or ‘top-up’ the soil. The process can bring the family together and have everyone enjoying the outdoors.

Indoor crafts for outdoor picnics
Custom designed tablecloths are a craft the kids will joyfully embrace. Their creative minds are constantly looking for ways to express themselves. Having them construct a new tablecloth or napkin will allow them to get their hands dirty and see that they can have fun indoors. Later, pack up their newly designed crafts and head outdoors for a picnic. The kids will have a blast using the items that they created all while eating healthy snacks.

Let your kids design your room
When kids are young, they often spend a large amount of time in ‘mommy and daddy’s’ room. Why not let them design your bedroom oasis? It’s okay to let go and give in to their creative capers. Instead of putting their drawings on the fridge, put a corkboard in your bedroom. When they complete a project at school or at home, let them pin it on the board. Waking up to your kid’s artwork (and their morning antics) will have you smiling all morning long.

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