Pet Comfort

When decorating, we often subtract our furry friends from the equation. Include them in the process by creating a space that your pet can enjoy.

Outdoor Bliss

Animals need to go outside in order to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle. Give them a soft mat to lie on and further your shower of affection that your pet has come to expect.

My Doberman loves our print mats; soaks up the sun on this plush design!

Food Tray

Most animals are accustomed to their designated area where they can expect their food bowls; however, our precious little friends are notorious for spilling water and food onto the floor. Multy Home suggests using its pet mats or bone utility tray to eliminate any spillage, so cleanup remains a cinch!


Cutesy Paw Print Designs

Dog lovers, take note: Multy Home has created an assortment of paw print mats to extend your animal love to others. Put at the front door to greet yours guests and have them cooing over these cute designs!

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