Back To School: Decorate with Colour (Part 2)

Kid Friendly Throw Mats
To find decorative items that your kids will enjoy, just as much as you do, can be challenging.  Try Multy’s Juvenile mats. The vibrant colours accent a room while stimulating creative thinking.

Back To College
Proud parents are ecstatic when their kids are accepted into a post-secondary school; however, having them move out for the school year can be upsetting. Design keepsakes that let them know you’re always there for them.
Multy’s decorative mats have a contemporary, yet classic spin that appeals to college students. These mats can definitely inspire arts-and-crafts or remind your kids of the time spent decorating their dorm.

Belair, Oasis

Boho, Bloom
Don’t Forget to Wipe
When you live in a College residence, sometimes the focus remains solely on decorating the interior space. Although, it’s important to personalize your room, don’t forget the doorways. If first impressions are key to suggesting who we are than your entryway should definitely not scream ‘frat house!’  Our suggestion – spend some money on boot trays, coat racks and doormats. It makes a huge difference when guests arrive and they actually have a place to store and wipe their shoes! 

Four Seasons Boot Tray

Majestic Boot Tray
Scrape and Store Mat
Welcome Ferngrove, Leaves

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