Embrace Fall ... Outdoors

Today marks the first day of fall. This may depress some, but most should find happiness in knowing that Halloween creeps a little closer. Yes. Exciting! We suggest decorating the outdoors for the new season by favoring a colorful flare in orange, red, green and yellow. Here are some inspiring outdoor looks that will sure to have you carving pumpkins in the yard.

This elegantly placed outdoor rug structures the walkway that leads to the overly embellished garden. The orange lanterns add color to finish the look.
We love this look. Why? It’s simply elegant. Our eco-friendly envirotile™ (in flat profile) creates a minimalist design; while the yellow throw cushions and maroon planter are a perfect combination for this condo balcony.
Until there’s snow on the ground we say, ‘it’s never too late for outdoor dining!” The rug’s rustic green forms a country feel that contrasts the traditional bistro set.
Multy Home’s Easy Tile™ utility flooring adds a textured look to the traditional white picket porch; the dining set modernizes it.
This lavish look provides a homey feel with its plush cushions and soft rug underfoot. We suggest furthering the experience with hot chocolate and a scented candle to fully embrace the autumn weather.

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