Inspirational Thanksgiving Decor

Thanksgiving officially marks the onset to many more winter festivities. From Halloween, to Christmas, to New Years, all these holidays hold the same purpose – celebrating with family and friends while eating a delicious meal. Here are five fabulous harvest decor items. 

Gettin’ Twiggy With It

You can get decorating tips from simply stepping outdoors. The barren trees are a definite call-out that winter is upon us, but, don’t fret, simply transcend by finding twig-garland patterns that have traditional harvest colour tones indicative to the season.

Pumpkin Pick Me Up

We often associate orange with Halloween. Not true! This bright colour can enhance a dull and boring room, so don’t limit it to one season. Styleathome.com talks about the power orange has in any home and we recommend it also. 

Oh, For the Love of Pie!

When it comes to the holidays, there’s nothing better than dessert. Try incorporating neutral, earthy tones to warm up a room. We saw this great décor piece from etsy.com. Add our easy-to clean bamboo mat to the mix and this room will be as delicious as its accessories.


Turn Over a New Leaf

Embrace the faux fern, without the dirt and bugs. This outdoor mat is beautifully embellished with organic looking leaves. Made from recycled rubber tires, it’s eco-friendly and will have Mother Nature jumping for joy. 

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  1. Hello Joanna,

    Who is the biggest retailer of Multy doormats ? Visited homedepot, cantire but they don't offer much selection. I need two sizes, one for the front door entrance and the other one for the garage, would love to have them both in the same style ( approximate sizes 3 X 4, and 18" by 30 " ).

  2. Joanna, I bought this Multy doormat today at homedepot.


    Do you know if it comes in a smaller size ?

  3. Hi Dasha,

    Thanks for reading up on our blog and purchasing our product! :) I suggest heading to Walmart for doormats, they have a great selection there that you can choose from.

    For your second question re: http://www.homedepot.ca/product/panache-trumpeting-vine-brwn-blk-31-inch-x-47-inch/941706
    mat you purchased, unfortunately, this is the smallest size it comes in.

    What type of doormat are you looking for? For garage, try this in 2'x3' http://ow.ly/7jrrI

    Depending on your front door decor style, we can suggest 2 options: neutral colour - http://ow.ly/7jrGt For a more modern look, choose this - http://ow.ly/7js68

    Hopefully this helps you, but please feel free to comment back should you have further questions or require ideas :)