What Garden Type Are You?

Feeling saddened by the cold weather creeping in? Take heart: anyone can enjoy the summer bliss despite the lower than normal temperatures. We recommend these different garden types to fully embrace your outdoor love.

Let the Zen In
The philosophy behind this garden resides wholeheartedly in finding peace in nature. To fully embrace the amity vibes, plant large evergreens and shrubs. These trees will remain green all winter long, so you can enjoy the blissful beauty and embrace your outdoor love. Add Multy Home’s envirotile™ as the floor base and accent cushions in red to finish the look.

Rustic Haven
Who doesn’t love the country? Especially when it’s in your backyard! Overly embellished flowers and trees are the staple for any country lover. Tousled bushes and over the top floral beds will also help bring in the desired rustic appeal. 
A Regal Resort
Imperialism might be an understatement for this colonized outdoor space. It's English chic meets outlandish color creating a unique blend that meshes oh so perfectly. With the city line view and strategically placed accessories, William and Kate might have to make a pit-stop at this household.

Walk This Way
Walkways can look boring. Try outlining it with shrubbery; to really push the limits add Multy Home’s envirotile™ in Terra Cotta. For even more luxury plant some flowers and herbs.

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