Living Space Special - Reducing Allergens in the Home

The cold weather has officially moved in – don’t fret – having a cozy and comfortable indoor living space can lead to a winter hibernation filled with laughs and family down time.  Enhancing a space with inviting bold palettes is perfect for preparing the home for the winter months ahead. Remember, when decorating, to choose practical and functional items. Increased allergens during the colder months are high, so, picking items that are washable and easy to clean are beneficial.

Tactile Textures
Multy Home’s Lexington adds a rugged appearance to any room by creating a textured look.  Its regal design and bold colour palette perfectly accents any décor. Use at the front door or in a mudroom to keep dirt at bay, or outdoors to lift debris from under shoes and boots.

Luxuriously Washable
Floors accumulate the most dirt; having mats that are washable ease the pain when cleaning. Multy Home designed a large collection in soft, neutral palettes. Decorating a room can pose a challenge; with mats that are functional, it’s a cinch!

Boot Bunker
Oftentimes we put our boots in the closet. It’s difficult to clean such a confined space. With Multy Home boot trays, they are not only easy to clean, but your shoes will finally have a place to call their own.

Let's Head to Monaco
This mat is as minimal as one can get. With its sleek design and easy-to-clean surface, it makes a statement. We suggest placing Multy Home Monaco anywhere in the home! – The textured, yet smooth surface will have you basking in delight.

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