Decorating Tips – 5 Ways to Welcome in Autumn

1.  Fawn Foliage
Accent leaves are a great way to embrace the season ... indoors. This chocolate taupe mat compliments the oak wood cabinets, while making it an inviting place to cook.

2.  Harvest Haven
Pumpkins, squash and all things orange bring warmth and fun to any room.

3.  Flower-Power
We often see flowers in spring, but try accenting a room with a yellow floral print, contrasted by a dark color. The distinction will compliment a room, while creating a modern look!

4.  Heavenly Red
Sure, Christmas is only four months away but let's start the holiday season early. Add a deep red colored entrance mat to the front door and greet guests with chic sophistication.

5.  Horizontal Stripes 
Having long narrow hallways can make it difficult to decorate. Try mats that have horizontal stripes. The color variety adds a splash of fun while the bold stripes allude to a larger space.

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