The Beauty of a Kitchen Mat

Eating healthy almost always begins with home cooked meals during childhood. The only downside to the prep is the cleanup. We suggest investing in a kitchen mat that can prevent spills on the tile, is easy to clean, and can reduce back tension and foot pain.

When looking for a kitchen mat, make sure it has all the dressings…

Cushiony Softness

Softness underfoot is not only luxurious but also lets you enjoy the cleanup process. Try Multy Home LP’s durable soft foam cushioned mat. Available in three neutral colours, it will sure to leave you savouring your time spent in the kitchen. 

Want to add some spicy bold colours? We recommend these designs that can easily coordinate with any palette.

Easy to Clean

Yes. Machine washable and easy to care for kitchen mats do exist! Here are a few styles to choose from. 

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