Smart Buy Mats: Under $30

The best time to replace your mats are after the holidays. Why? Because the festivities are done and we usually are preparing for heavy snowfalls. Here are some affordable mats that will fit your budget.

Mats under $30:
Sold at Canadian Tire, $4.99 per each

Sold at Canadian Tire, Multy Home Assorted Decorative mats (18"x30"approx.), $9.99

Multy Home LP's Concord mats are ideal to prevent damage to floors. Sold at Canadian Tire and other stores at $9.99!
This Argyle flocked mat is made from recycled rubber tires and is priced at $19.99. Perfect as an outdoor mat.
Multy Home's Capri mat in taupe. Sold at Canadian Tire for $16.79.

Our Lexington mat is durable and scrapes off dirt. Place in an entrance way to keep floors clean. Sold at Canadian Tire, $24.99!
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