2012 Resolution: Five Ways to Declutter Your Home

I went around and asked my colleagues what their 2012 resolutions were. Surprisingly, most discussed how they wanted to clear cutter from their homes and reorganize their living spaces, in particular their garages. Establishing a structured space, where all things have a specific place, is a lot of work; however, it’s a great New Year’s resolution and we are here to give you tips on how to create a clutter-free home.

Green Garage
With global warming looming, we are inevitably quite conscious of the fact that our atmosphere needs a ‘pick me up.’ Why not create a green room – we suggest the garage – it’s a great way to decrease your carbon footprint and contribute to a healthier, sustainable lifestyle.
Multy-Tile™, made from recycled material, protects floors with ease. Use it to help prevent chemicals from spilling down your driveway and into your sewer system. Sold at various Canadian Tire Stores.
Avid gardeners, take note: designate a nook in the garage to house your plants, but make sure the temperature is ambient and there's enough natural light.

Have a heated garage? Why not create an indoor gym. Use Multy Home LP’s Activity Floor … the cushioned tiles are made from recycled content; is a cinch to put together and absorbs impact, making it a comfortable space to work out in.
Lovely Laundry Rooms
Inevitably, the laundry room constantly needs cleaning and organizing. Why not invest in non-plush flooring. These tiles are hard enough, so fluffs will not stick to it, but soft enough so that it won’t cause discomfort underfoot. Add a wicker laundry bin so that cleaning remains an easy chore!

Car Organization
Statistics show that the average person spends about 2.5 hours a day in their car. Organizing the car should take the same precedence as organizing the home. We suggest creating a clutter-free space inside the car, so that items are easy to find.

Multy Home, LP would like to wish everyone a very happy and safe New Year. Let’s make 2012 great! 
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