Décor Pick Me Up: Dazzle Your Rooms in Rich Blues

Chase the winter blues away with a Navy colour palette-the rich look naturally brings warmth to a space, while leaving you feeling cozy. Try these nifty décor pick-me-ups and chase your blues away while remaining right on trend this season!

Fashion Meets Function
High-traffic areas in the home can cause significant damage to floors, in particular, hardwood. We suggest putting a runner down in a soft blue. The functionality makes it a perfect solution to any kid or pet-friendly home. The plush material adds texture and accents a room that is often overlooked.

Don’t Overlook the Outdoors
Having outdoor mats that greet your guests in the same fashion your front entrance does, is tricky. Choose a mat with colour-outside the traditional black-it will add subtle drama and differentiate you from the other homes on your street.

Change it Up – Bring in the Old!
Impulse purchases are often done when you envision an item in a particular place in the home. After a few months, change it up! Reuse items, but in another room. A simply re-shift can create the allusion that an item is new.  It saves money, but allows you to still redecorate!

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