Winter Hibernation? Bring it on with Colour

Designing rooms that have a sun-kissed glow, in the dead of winter, starts with colour. Nothing brightens a space more than tangy tangerine, rich reds and bold purples. While we don't recommend painting your entire abode in these vibrant shades, we suggest accenting a space with vivid patterns, floral prints and plush mats with splashes of these sunset colours.

This mercurial tint brightens a room with little effort. Naturally edgy and energetic it brings life to a dull space. To minimize this hues intensity, add some neutral shades.

Set the mood with a soft, plush mat that provides cushion underfoot. Texture truly has the ability to combat the winter blues and a mat with padding brings depth to a space while keeping you cozy.

Once upon a time this shoddy shade was seen as retro; however purple no longer sports a dated look, but rather takes on a youthful appearance. Bold and lavish it continues to pop up in current colour trends. Versatile and contemporary, it enhances a lackluster space with its bold vibe. Pair this passionate hue with a neutral palette to intensify the colour.

Bold and beautiful, a dash of red adds an intense flame to a space by dressing it up. We suggest sticking to deeper reds as they look rich in comparison and can easily transcend into other seasons.

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