Out with the Old, In with the New

When a new year starts, we are always so eager to see what trends are creating buzz in the design world. This year, modernity has definitely taken a new approach with zigzag patterns increasing in popularity, eco-savvy décor projects making a stand and geometrically chic rugs that capture all that is hip in 2012. As usual, we remain right on target with designs that truly showcase the trends making headway this year.   

Naturally whimsical, the herringbone design is definitely a favourite. We love this classic look and suggest pairing it with a mat that has the same pattern.
HGTV's Style Sheet
 Go Green
An Ikea picked bamboo plant was a must-have … last season. This year, let’s move away from the small and lanky, to the tall and green. Having large indoor plants is definitely a trend we are on board with. Yes, it requires a tad more in upkeep, but the rewarding design element makes it well worth it. To minimize plant maintenance, try using Multy Home’s eco-friendly garden stones. Made entirely from recycled rubber, it protects floors from water and soil spillage; a definite must-buy this year.

HGTV's Style Sheet
Geometric Getaway
Last spring, chevron was zigzagging all over the place and now geometric patterns continue, with bold stripes, asymmetrical squares and bright shapes. This definitely hit a chord with us, so we developed some designs that hit the mark with this evolving trend, which, by the way, we absolutely love. 

For even more designs, we recommend checking out Elle Décor’s “Pattern Under Foot” and, of course, our Pinterest page.

Oh, Martha...
When discussing anything ‘living’ we definitely need to think about Ms. Stewart: Ms. Martha Stewart that is. Her paint colors are absolutely stunning and are sold at The Home Depot. To make your decorating experience more fulfilling, here are some motivational looks to keep you on track. 
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