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It was with great sadness that we recently heard the oh so familiar croon "So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye..." unfortunately it was not coming from the seven Von Trapp children in The Sound of Music but rather we heard these sad partings from Jessica, Lemon Tree Creations blogger/creator. To remember this amazing blog, we are recapping our favourite post; giving our readers a way to recreate this…all the best to Jessica in her future endeavors!

A home-made wall treatment, that uses doormats to create art, not only customizes a room but adds a personal touch.

Erin, from Lemon Tree Creations, demonstrates her crafty skills by designing a mural-esque décor piece that transforms her living space. The oat colour chosen was a perfect contrast to the avocado stained walls. We absolutely love this idea and encourage others to take on similar projects. 

Doormat Wall Art: Lemon Tree Creations

Here are three easy steps to mimic this art-nouveaux:

1.      Choose an ornate looking doormat in a small to medium size. We suggest Multy Home’s 18x30 Wrought Iron import mat. Similar to Erin’s design, the whimsical pattern creates a focal point that lends a hand in stylizing any space in the home.

     2.     Wood or Canvas? Both are beautiful choices: canvas adds texture while wood naturally looks rustic.
     3.     Sand, stain or paint the surface than lay the mat down and spray the chosen colour on overtop. The result: a fashionable art-deco piece that will personalize and transform a room's overall look. 
Doormat Wall Art: Lemon Tree Creations

Doormat Wall Art: Lemon Tree Creations

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