Ring in Spring: Flower Power that Inspires Outdoor Décor

The colour trends this season definitely don’t miss a beat being bold, bright and boisterous. Palettes that work well together are ones that compliment and contrast in unimaginable ways. 

Stand out with scarlet
This deep red seduces and magnifies a space by drawing your attention in. The over-sized floral print adds an eclectic touch that is whimsical and fun, perfect for an outdoor space.

Bring in the Blue
Sapphire blue charms its way into a décor by creating an oceanic – feel without the lakeside view. As a therapeutic tone, it adds warmth and livens up neutral shades with a much needed colour hit.

Orange Crush
Tangy tangerine adds the perfect style solution to any outdoor space. It naturally energizes and may be the hottest shade this season. Embrace it, by adding a personal touch.

Mellow Yellow
This easy, breezy tone associates itself with the brightness offered to us by the sun; providing an instant décor lift. No need to accessorize, this colour does all the work by saluting the warm weather ahead.

Nature’s Green
Going ‘green’ may be the best way to embrace the outdoors this season. Try resurfacing an exterior ground surface with envirotile™; a simple way to spruce up old decks, patios, walkways and more and it’s made entirely from recycled rubber tires so it remains an eco-conscious choice to help decrease landfill waste.

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