This Spring Find a Clutter Cure, Outdoors

Discovering clever ways to de-clutter is never easy. Simplify by separating spaces with bold mats and smart storage. Having attractive pieces that are functional and promote organization can tidy up an outdoor area within minutes. Try these seven nifty tricks that refine a space from disorder to sleek, sophisticated areas. 

Retro Chic
This front door has a matte green finish to compliment the doormat’s floral print in its quirky blue and orange hues. These colours add warmth and flow seamlessly from one palette to the next. The mat’s neutral black backdrop creates an easy transition from the lime green front door to the blooming buds design adding depth to this entrance.  Having a front doormat minimizes mud on concrete and gives shoes a place to wipe-down before they enter the home.

Clad in navy blue, the front door seems to recede as the sleek white columns speak traditional. The mat definitely blends nicely as it offers a spot to rest when you walk up to the door. Floral prints give a shout out to spring and block clutter from entering the home as the doormat adds the scraping surface needed to remove dirt from under footwear.

This traditional entryway gets a wake up call with this doormats' vibrant paisley print. Its whimsy and copious design add fun to a boring look. The bold reds, tangy oranges and lemon yellows brighten and greet enthusiastically letting us know that it's retro chic.

Eco-Friendly Flooring
Concrete pavers are a drag and are not so easy to install. Try using rubber pavers instead. Lightweight and super easy to install it offers a simple solution when searching stores for a resurfacing alternative. This smart, eco-friendly system essentially covers up unsightly outdoor flooring. Simple, chic and environmentally conscious, envirotile™ is a must when creating a free flowing pied-a-tier.

Designate an area in the garage where storage takes the forefront.  Tidy up tools by making sure the selected section remains clutter free. To further separate, place one square stretch of tiles that can extend, if necessary, to create a comfortable workspace.

Stand Out Against the Crowd
Brightening up an entryway with planters that add curb appeal. Highlight the stunning flowers that boast sophistication with envirotile™ stepping stone as an under base. Made entirely from recycled rubber products, it prevents water from seeping in and staining concrete or wood. The plants will require attention but the rest will remain fuss-free.

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