Sensational Outdoor Gardens

Ready to take it outside? With the gorgeous weather as of late, who wouldn’t want to lounge in the backyard? To help get your outdoor living space up to speed, we’re offering up some simple solutions to assist in your style revamp. Whether you love traditional, modern, vintage, or romantic, these outdoor rooms will surely strike a harmonious chord, no matter your chosen flair. 

Green Marvel
When it comes to shrubs and trees: the grandeur, the better! Organically add seclusion to a backyard bungalow with large foliage; you’ll feel as though you have an extension to your home where you can lay back and relax in casual comfort. 

Vintage Chic
Get your vintage on by bringing back the fabulous flair from the antique era. Fuse this look with modern accent piece and make a room flourish with vintage-style.  

Traditional Tread
Cover an area with pavers or stones that march to its own beat. For an easy solution: opt for a paver that is lightweight, requires no special machinery and are made from a recycled product. Envirotile™ is a recycled rubber paver that can spruce up a pathway or revamp an old deck with ease! Want an in-ground project, try Stomp Stone: these are also made from recycled material and are super light and easy to install. Eco-friendly and chic, it creates a traditional design without the legwork.  

Geometric Gardens
Bold patterns are impressive in its looks and hold drama and scale to the chosen area. Use geometric prints throughout a backyard garden, it will not only define your space but add a poetic effect through whimsical designs and forms.

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