Embrace Fall ... Outdoors

Today marks the first day of fall. This may depress some, but most should find happiness in knowing that Halloween creeps a little closer. Yes. Exciting! We suggest decorating the outdoors for the new season by favoring a colorful flare in orange, red, green and yellow. Here are some inspiring outdoor looks that will sure to have you carving pumpkins in the yard.

This elegantly placed outdoor rug structures the walkway that leads to the overly embellished garden. The orange lanterns add color to finish the look.
We love this look. Why? It’s simply elegant. Our eco-friendly envirotile™ (in flat profile) creates a minimalist design; while the yellow throw cushions and maroon planter are a perfect combination for this condo balcony.
Until there’s snow on the ground we say, ‘it’s never too late for outdoor dining!” The rug’s rustic green forms a country feel that contrasts the traditional bistro set.
Multy Home’s Easy Tile™ utility flooring adds a textured look to the traditional white picket porch; the dining set modernizes it.
This lavish look provides a homey feel with its plush cushions and soft rug underfoot. We suggest furthering the experience with hot chocolate and a scented candle to fully embrace the autumn weather.


Decorating Tips – 5 Ways to Welcome in Autumn

1.  Fawn Foliage
Accent leaves are a great way to embrace the season ... indoors. This chocolate taupe mat compliments the oak wood cabinets, while making it an inviting place to cook.

2.  Harvest Haven
Pumpkins, squash and all things orange bring warmth and fun to any room.

3.  Flower-Power
We often see flowers in spring, but try accenting a room with a yellow floral print, contrasted by a dark color. The distinction will compliment a room, while creating a modern look!

4.  Heavenly Red
Sure, Christmas is only four months away but let's start the holiday season early. Add a deep red colored entrance mat to the front door and greet guests with chic sophistication.

5.  Horizontal Stripes 
Having long narrow hallways can make it difficult to decorate. Try mats that have horizontal stripes. The color variety adds a splash of fun while the bold stripes allude to a larger space.


Multy Home Gives Back by Building On:

Habitat for Humanity & Multy Home's Build Day

Unfamiliar. Willing. Excited. These three words describe the first day of our Habitat for Humanity build. As a leading supplier in floor coverings, Multy Home understands how to accent a fully furnished home with colorful and decorative mats. However, on the Habitat build site, we were out of our element as there were no walls, no furniture and definitely no mats.

Accompanied with hard hats, construction boots and tools we headed on site to help build a home for a very deserving family. The Habitat Brampton team took us in with open arms and were kind enough to show us the ropes. We learned how to use electric saws, drills, hammers and nail guns – tools Multy Home does not often use in their corporate office.

Here are some memorable moments to recap the day:

We thank Habitat Brampton for allowing us to join in and assist with the build. Giving back makes us realize just how important having a place to call home really is. As an eco-friendly company, we were ecstatic to learn that this particular home is being designed with insulated walls that will keep the heat from seeping out. It makes the house so much more special when we work in unison to accomplish an alternative goal – sustainability. 

In addition to helping with the build we have donated some envirotile™ to landscape the property around the house. We cannot wait to rejoin this amazing organization and meet the family when they move into their new home. Designing mats is what we know, but learning how to build a house is where we hope for more.