Inspirational Deck Designs

‘Tis the season…as the summer months dwindle, we have only a few weeks left to enjoy the warm weather. To do this, we recommend revamping your outdoor living space with tranquil colors in blues, earthy greens and soft yellows. These colors will create a calming ambiance that will surely lift spirits.

To truly create a new look, try relaying pavers on the deck’s top surface. For an easy-to-install solution, try Multy Home’s envirotile™ An eco-friendly product made entirely from recycled rubber. These tiles are designed to look like traditional pavers, but weigh only 8 pounds; are a sustainable alternative to revamping a flat surface, while beautifying your outdoor space.  envirotile.ca

Spice things up by designating an area outdoors where you can dine. Moving dinner outside can bring a family closer together. Kids are excited to eat in a new space and you can unwind in the cool night breeze.

Inviting guests over can really inspire. Whatever you decide on doing, make sure you personalize your outdoor space with originality and authenticity. Only a few weeks left until September arrives but by designing an outdoor haven now, the winter months ahead might not look so grim.  

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  1. These are nice deck designs! They are simple but it has this classy feel to it. The third and fourth picture looks like you are at an outdoor café in Europe. I also agree that having guests over inspire you to decorate your place because you want to impress them and also make them feel good and comfortable at your place.

    Angelina Garcia

  2. These are really nice deck design ideas! I am planning to make our deck a nice lounge area like the one in the first picture. I have been considering using earthy colors for my deck as well because I think it makes me feel closer to nature. This has really helped me picture my deck design even more.

    Barrett Elmore

  3. Beautiful! I can't pick which one I like the most! That alone can already enhance your home’s curb appeal. Add to that the potential activities you can enjoy in this part of your home; you could set up an entertaining deck party for your friends and families or a romantic outdoor date with someone special. | Ryann@YanceyCompany.com|