Gearing up for Fall with Recycled Rubber!

If you are excited about the cooler weather ahead then prepare your outdoor porch for some outdoor fun. 

Front doorways can be dull and predictable. Add some unexpected flare with a colorful doormat. Multy Home makes a wide assortment of door mats that are eco-friendly. Made entirely from recycled rubber tires, these sustainable door mats are durable and benefits the environment by diverting tires from landfills. 

When a guest steps up to your front door, welcome them with a uniquely designed recycled rubber doormat that will create a color punch of fun while greeting your guests with style.

Laying pavers can take lots of time and cost a fortune. For a quick walkway, try using stepping stones. This product too is made entirely from recycled rubber and can easily transform any space from drab to fab!

Thinking about recycled rubber makes us look at tires in a whole new light. They are not just a rubberized item, but a perfect finish to an outdoor look. 

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  2. pretty nice photos. some says They dont like the appearance of re-rubber product. I want to take them a look here. Thanks for the post.. Really appreciate you.

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  3. Thanks Jeff Hardy and Eric, we appreciate your positive comments :)

  4. nice looking products but how do I buy them?