Back to School: Decorate with Colour (Part 1)

As another school year approaches, we need to recognize the power colour has on kids. Colour remains essential to everything we see and do. Not only visually appealing, but also emotionally. To kick-start the school year, it’s imperative to get kids excited about studying. To help with this, we recommend these decorating tips that focus on colour power! Proven studies have shown that kids prefer to be around certain colours when studying and learning.

Productive Blue
Known for increasing productivity, blue creates a calming ambiance that slows down heart rates and relaxes an apprehensive learner - perfect for any child that has a difficult time settling down.
Radiating Red
Although gorgeous in colour, red can distract learners with its brightness and intense hue. Great as accents in a space, but, try to minimize this colour in a kid’s room.

Go Green
This colour relaxes with its association to nature and the ‘organic.’ It also stimulates creativity and lush thoughts.  

Distracting Yellow
A nice colour to help with concentration, but like red’s immediacy, it too overpowers. Young infants are drawn to it, but as kids grow older it becomes unfavourable.