Welcome Guests with an Inviting Front Entrance

A home’s entrance should tell a story about the individuals that live there; setting the tone for what is to come. Alter your front entrance so that it reflects your style. The front porch should welcome you and your guests, extending the foyer, outdoors. Make a statement with some colourful flowers and an outdoor rug and wicker chair to really bring the space to life.
Multy Home’s Link Border, Grey/Black outdoor rug is available at The Home Depot, prices range from $49.99 to $99.99, depending on size.

Larger front entrances should be more involved in its design layout in order to create a refreshing space. Take a step back and assess what you want to place down in the area. A large outdoor throw rug with whimsical lines will add depth. Loungers and a small bistro set suggest a casual, laid-back, setting.
Multy Home’s Constantine Brown/Black outdoor rug is available at the Home Depot, prices range from $49.99 to $99.99.

To soften a bold, black door, pair it with a a neutral beige mat. It adds unconventionality to the usual ‘welcome’ mat, but still remains inviting with its simplee floral print.
Multy Home’s Damask in Oakwood is available at the Home Depot and retails for $13.97.
The upside in choosing to emphasis a front entrance, rather than a back, is that most guests will definitely see the time you put in it. A rug serves as both a practical piece and an aesthetic appeal, creating a space that invites.
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  1. All your ideas are great! Keep it up..

  2. “Alter your front entrance so that it reflects your style.” - Nice idea. Actually, how your house looks reflects your personality and style. Your exterior must give a warm welcome to your guests and the interiors should do the same. If you need some ideas in constructing and designing your house, seek for professional help.


  3. The last picture definitely shows how an entryway should look like. It’s the first thing guests notice when they come visit to your house, so it’s important that you keep it as welcoming as possible. Actually, the entrance looks simple but with those embellishments, it became more warm and inviting!

    Arthur Bryant @ Contractor Express