Envirotile™ is the New Black for Home Décor

As the summer heat roles in, Multy’s envirotile™ are making its way into many different outdoor spaces. Here are a few shared images from happy customers.

Doggie Jules is enjoying the cushioned comfort of the tiles while lounging in her newly renovated barn space.

Sylvia Visser of Toronto won Home Depot’s 48 hour makeover.  Catch her reaction here
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Prolong Summer with Fresh Color Trends

Bright colors are becoming the most popular trend for summer, so give your patio, deck, or even a space in your house new life with accents that are sure to wow this season. 

Fresh flowers, or fruits, are a great way to add a color-punch to a lackluster space.

Berry reds and citrus yellows are perfect for in-house or outdoors to spice up the décor with summer tones. For the more reserved homeowners, try pastel colors in blue or green to bring nature in. Throw pillows are a great accessory for outdoor furniture or indoor living spaces. The contrast of colors against a solid furniture piece adds a warm splash to any room and creates an inviting summer ambiance. 

Summer decorating can challenge even the inner Martha Stewart's of the world. If you really want to embrace summer, go a step further with funky furniture and quilts that embody the bright summer colors and patterns – or invest in some great couch and cushion covers that can be removed and changed throughout the warmer months, and throughout the year.

Lastly, bring the sun indoors by choosing a new paint color. A fresh coat can brighten a room or soften harsh tones. Don’t just paint the walls, update an antique furniture piece – it creates a new look without breaking the budget. 

With only 2 months of summer left, make it last it with these fresh summer trends!
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