2012 Summer Olympics

The 2012 Summer Olymic opening ceremonies are fast approaching.  Hosting your own opening ceremony celebration is a great way to get into the Olympic spirit. 
Welcome your guests with a beautiful international postcard recycled rubber door mat
Multy Home's 18"x30" Door Mat Availible at Walmart for $14.98
Inside you can decorate your floors with a whimsical city scape mat

or interesting global fusion area rugs like the two colourful rugs below.

Once you have your floor decor you can start thinking themes!  Some fun and interesting ideas include a greek toga party, an english tea party, international themed parties!  For more information on the upcoming olympics and how to plan fun for everyone olympic parties go to:  www.london2012.com


Welcome Guests with an Inviting Front Entrance

A home’s entrance should tell a story about the individuals that live there; setting the tone for what is to come. Alter your front entrance so that it reflects your style. The front porch should welcome you and your guests, extending the foyer, outdoors. Make a statement with some colourful flowers and an outdoor rug and wicker chair to really bring the space to life.
Multy Home’s Link Border, Grey/Black outdoor rug is available at The Home Depot, prices range from $49.99 to $99.99, depending on size.

Larger front entrances should be more involved in its design layout in order to create a refreshing space. Take a step back and assess what you want to place down in the area. A large outdoor throw rug with whimsical lines will add depth. Loungers and a small bistro set suggest a casual, laid-back, setting.
Multy Home’s Constantine Brown/Black outdoor rug is available at the Home Depot, prices range from $49.99 to $99.99.

To soften a bold, black door, pair it with a a neutral beige mat. It adds unconventionality to the usual ‘welcome’ mat, but still remains inviting with its simplee floral print.
Multy Home’s Damask in Oakwood is available at the Home Depot and retails for $13.97.
The upside in choosing to emphasis a front entrance, rather than a back, is that most guests will definitely see the time you put in it. A rug serves as both a practical piece and an aesthetic appeal, creating a space that invites.


Outdoor Living in the Garden

There’s an undeniable thrill in watching a landscaping project evolve from concept to tangible design. It’s an exciting achievement that every do – it – yourselfer needs to experience, at least once. When deciding to renew a home’s outdoor area, think about how you can reuse items that may not need replacing but just require some TLC. Not only will you remain in budget, but you will add your own personal touch and make the space that more meaningful. 
Taken from Breakfast Television's 48 hour Backyard Makeover
A backyard remains an ever changing area – a blank canvas – that rewards those who patiently tend to their garden. Naturally, after working hard to maintain a well-kept landscape, who wouldn’t want to sit back and enjoy its beauty? A well covered deck that incorporates both seating and dining creates a place to unwind and relish in the outdoors.

Bring the garden onto a porch with hanging plants or strategically placed planters. This added touch not only softens but allows a gentle flow when the eye moves from the deck to the garden. Take it a step further and add some furnishings, such as a throw mat or rug, to complete the look by bringing the indoors out.  


May Long Weekend: De-clutter the Kitchen Pantry

We often keep the kitchen spotless by tending to the visually pertinent ‘to-dos’ in the home by washing the dishes and tidying up the counter ; however the true mess lies dormant behind closed doors and cupboards. Take time this weekend to organize your pantry with these four easy tips to consider that will make the most impact in your kitchen.

Have a safe and happy long weekend. Until next week.
Multy Home Team.


Mother’s Day Décor Gifts

Some moms are décor addicts, the kind who secretly sneak off to the “grocery store” to come home with bags from Bombay, Ikea or Bouclair. Despite their secret love for stylish home accents, these ladies are decorista’s through and through, and we love them for it!

When it comes down to it, a home never stops evolving so a decor piece for a decor addict may be the perfect gift. Fabulous Finds: an oriental accent piece that neatly adorns a living space or a thickly woven rug that combines functionality with unprecedented beauty.  Whatever it may be, choose a gift that celebrates mom, because she deserves the praise!

To help in your quest, here are some pretty little things that tickled our decor fancy.

Oriental Floral 
Effortless Style Blog

Inspired by Mother Nature
Hunted Interior
Global Fusion

Vintage Chic

Flower Power

~ Happy Mother's Day


Pattern Praise

Certain times, I will read a great little feature about a design style that truly strikes a chord with me. This month, it was Canadian House and Home’s Pattern Play article on Vancouver designer Lael O’Brien.  Flipping through the pages, I was ecstatic to see such vibrant colours cladding the glossy white pages.  If you haven’t purchased the new House and Home issue, I highly recommend heading to the store to pick it up. Lael’s fresh style creates an infectious desire to renew the look of any space using patterned wallpaper, large floral prints and colourful pops that energize a room. Also the herringbone backdrop in the fireplace was a geometric look that made me light up with happiness – it’s the subtle touches that make the biggest impact! The shag rug brings texture to their living space and I couldn’t help but swoon over the kid’s rooms.  

Here's a Peak:

 All above images are taken from Canadian House and Home

Our Pattern Play look



Mulch Busters

We dive deep to uncover the truth about recycled rubber mulch and why this eco-friendly product continues to get a bad rap. The question remains: is recycled rubber mulch a better alternative to other flooring options? Here are some myths, busted. 
Rubber mulch is bad for the environment and ruins horticulture
We face several different environmental issues, daily. Waste management remains the biggest problem. One solution to this is by opting to invest in products that focus on waste diversion and upcycling. In fact, organic wood mulch causes more environmental harm than good because it uses new wood as oppose to recovered bark decreasing forestry and endangering wildlife.

Sand and rubber are equal in its safety ratings because they are both soft surfaces.
Rubber is shock absorbent, meaning it provides more cushioning to falls than its opponent, sand, making it an excellent alternative to playgrounds and schoolyards.

Rubber mulch costs the same or more in comparison to wood.
Because rubber weighs more than wood, it does not easily blow away. What does this mean long-term? Savings, because you have to ‘top up’ your mulch less often.

Wood looks better.
Rubber mulch comes in a variety of different colours which means there are no limitations to what’s available.


Take a Note From Mother Nature

On Earth Day we are given so many reasons on why we should go green, but the real question remains: why are we saving these all so important tasks to just one day a year? With the spike in gas prices and the extension in oil pipelines, you would think that we would speak out against the cries clearly coming from Mother Nature. The warm weather is not a reward but an acknowledgement that we may soon face a global crisis. Going green is not a downgrade where you must wear ponchos, bathe less and live in absolute minimalism. Reality check: it’s a routine change that makes a huge impact. You can still have a luxurious lifestyle by tweaking your daily tasks to include green products and tasks. 

Here are ten simple ways to implement green living into your regular routine:

1. Bring in leftovers [in a reusable tote] for lunch. You won’t consume gas by using your car to grab a bite to eat, and you’ll reduce waste consumption by bringing in reusable containers. 

Source: Environmental Health Association of Quebec

2. Bring your own reusable mug/water bottle to work to reduce paper consumption when you grab that early morning pick me up. 
Source: Starbucks & Photos of the Bald Eagle

3. Carpool. Ride a bike or take public transit. 
Source: Carpooling Etiquette
4. Think before you print. Create innovative ways to hold meetings and exchange ideas without the overuse of paper. 
Source: Reduce Carbon Footprint at Work
5. Turn off the computer when not in use.

Source: Natural Buy
6. Bring reusable bags with you when you're shopping at the stores.

Source: Fashion Meets Function
7. Conserve water by turning off the tap when you brush your teeth.
Source: Save Water. Save Life.
8. Turn off the lights in a room that no one is in.
Source: Recycle Reminders
9. Upcycle. Instead of discarding, recover items and give them a new purpose.
Source: Ecouterre
Source: Multy Home's envirotile™
10. Think before you purchase. Some companies use so much packaging to wrap their products in; think about the waste! Opt for products that are eco-friendly and have minimal packaging.
Source: The Green Market and Puma Shoes

You will be surprised at how much money you can save, but also, think about the positive contribution you are making to the Earth.

Happy #EarthYear (in lieu of #EarthDay) For more 'green' ideas follow us on Twitter!


Upcycling: From Car Tires to Recycled Rubber Pavers

There’s nothing more troublesome than hiking in the woods and finding a discarded car tire; knowing that it will take years to decompose, it makes you wonder how to combat this issue? Luckily, there are companies that recycle used car tires, diverting them from landfills and upcycling into stylish outdoor recycled rubber pavers. envirotile™ truly shows how you can expand your outdoor living space to incorporate recovered products that are affordable and easy to install. 


 Need we say more?


Easter Revive: One Rug, Four Rooms

Off-the-cuff, a sisal rug casually dresses up a room with its intricate boucle weave and natural tweed yarn that appeal to rustic design lovers.  Ever since they became a household item in the 1940s, sisal has been known as a tough, durable rug that often is used in an entryway. Change it up: this piece can easily transition to a living (or dining) room where you may receive less foot traffic but want an element of texture and depth.  

With powerful colour pops and a neutral sisal shade, it’s easy to create natural glam, with a hint of sophistication. Here are three looks (one rug) that provides stylish functionality while your kids eagerly pound the ground, this weekend, in search of Easter eggs.