Take a Note From Mother Nature

On Earth Day we are given so many reasons on why we should go green, but the real question remains: why are we saving these all so important tasks to just one day a year? With the spike in gas prices and the extension in oil pipelines, you would think that we would speak out against the cries clearly coming from Mother Nature. The warm weather is not a reward but an acknowledgement that we may soon face a global crisis. Going green is not a downgrade where you must wear ponchos, bathe less and live in absolute minimalism. Reality check: it’s a routine change that makes a huge impact. You can still have a luxurious lifestyle by tweaking your daily tasks to include green products and tasks. 

Here are ten simple ways to implement green living into your regular routine:

1. Bring in leftovers [in a reusable tote] for lunch. You won’t consume gas by using your car to grab a bite to eat, and you’ll reduce waste consumption by bringing in reusable containers. 

Source: Environmental Health Association of Quebec

2. Bring your own reusable mug/water bottle to work to reduce paper consumption when you grab that early morning pick me up. 
Source: Starbucks & Photos of the Bald Eagle

3. Carpool. Ride a bike or take public transit. 
Source: Carpooling Etiquette
4. Think before you print. Create innovative ways to hold meetings and exchange ideas without the overuse of paper. 
Source: Reduce Carbon Footprint at Work
5. Turn off the computer when not in use.

Source: Natural Buy
6. Bring reusable bags with you when you're shopping at the stores.

Source: Fashion Meets Function
7. Conserve water by turning off the tap when you brush your teeth.
Source: Save Water. Save Life.
8. Turn off the lights in a room that no one is in.
Source: Recycle Reminders
9. Upcycle. Instead of discarding, recover items and give them a new purpose.
Source: Ecouterre
Source: Multy Home's envirotile™
10. Think before you purchase. Some companies use so much packaging to wrap their products in; think about the waste! Opt for products that are eco-friendly and have minimal packaging.
Source: The Green Market and Puma Shoes

You will be surprised at how much money you can save, but also, think about the positive contribution you are making to the Earth.

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