Rock Out to Your Decor

With the Grammy's done and the Oscars just around the corner, we’re inundated with the rich and famous. Okay, so, I’m not complaining because I secretly wait to see who made the ‘best dressed list'. Let's face it, who doesn't want to be a rock star? Here are tips on creating a Rock and Roll themed home where fame can greet you when you open the door.  

Geometric Patterns that Rock!
Having colourful prints that pop, in an understated room, makes you feel as though you’re living on the edge. Bring balance and harmony to this minimalist design with these bold patterns.

These rugs definitely bring the noise, with bold and eclectic geometric squares that will make you want to rock out!

Tats on Mats
Nothing screams ROCKSTAR than a tattoo. Okay, so, we realize that this doesn’t sound practical and not everyone is a fan of body art, but you’ll definitely be a fan of these rugs.

Boring Beige? Not here.
Calmness awaits in these tranquil outdoor rooms that have a soothing ambient palette, perfect for the busy life that comes with being a 'star'. Embrace the space and unwind with yoga poses and meditating mantras that soothe the soul.


Four heart pumping design tips that will make your Valentine melt

Although the calendar reads February 14th, we should not subject ourselves to romantic decorating just once a year. Try these hidden touches that are romantic, yet cozy.

L’amoure Pink and Red
These two distinct colours were once seen as faux-pas when it came to mixing and matching. However, such beautiful hues can create an inviting retreat, where the bold red audaciously charms and compliments the pink palette. A definite décor match!

Send a Love Note
Let your décor do the talking with written memos and inspirational words.

Writing on the wall
Want to make a bold impact? Take a door mats and hang it on the wall to transform this piece from traditional use to art-nouveau.

Love Medallions
Look familiar? It might. Recently saw these gorgeous medallion walls on Lini Interior Design. It sparked huge interest since the neutral white colour beautifully contrasts the pop out wall art. To compliment this design, we suggest pairing some paisley and floral patterns with this room (which we highly recommend trying to duplicate!)

How do you decorate romantically?


Super 'Floor' Sunday!

Get super-bowl ready with colours that show your team spirit.  Whether you’re rooting for the Patriots or the Giants here are some delightful designs that add a proud punch to the surroundings. Creating a homey and comfy feel remains important, so choose enthused palettes that are still on trend.

Singing the Blues with Patriot Pride
Naturally crisp, the airy Patriot blue gives a room a beach-feel. Throw in some accent pillows or throws to complement. Also, don’t forget to wear your jersey in the same buoyant shade. Your guests may root for the opposing team but you’ll feel as though everyone’s a Patriots fan!

Ravishing Red Giants
Innately vibrant, red sets the stage and creates a dynamic and personal space. As bold as it is, it adds a pop of colour that transcends and transforms a dull look into a room full of passion. The great thing about decorating with red, in the month of February, is that it performs dual duties – announces that you are rooting for the Giants and provides an easy switch-over as Valentine’s Day approaches.