Multy Home Special – Happy Halloween!

As 6pm approaches, we are busy getting the kids in their costumes and preparing for the cold track ahead.  To celebrate this festive season, we at Multy Home made sure to keep the spirits high with decorative, bold and fun accent pieces … and, of course, ready-made cupcakes!

Be safe and have fun, Happy Halloween!

Our ghoulish friends guard the treats

Yummy desserts c/o www.thecupcakeshoppe.ca

Happy Halloween!


Embrace Your Dark Side This Halloween

Deceptively Divine!
This Halloween, gather up some candy and celebrate change with decorative nods to colors in ebony, charcoal and grey.  This palette will surely stir up some design drama by celebrating the festive spirit with unconventional seasonal colors. 

Bold Welcomes
Trick-or-Treating can exhaust most; however, bringing cheer to the candy hunters can be easy with these different designs. Welcome them with a doormat that greets your guests. The children might not notice the entranceway, but their parent’s will.

Which mat’s for you? Choose below.


Neutralized Beauty
Harvest inspired colors not your thing? That’s fine. Personalize a room with a neutral palette in beige and taupe. Minimal designs are perfect for those who want pieces that can easily transition from season to season. These plush mats are sure to set the festive mood for all the upcoming celebrations!


Living Space Special - Reducing Allergens in the Home

The cold weather has officially moved in – don’t fret – having a cozy and comfortable indoor living space can lead to a winter hibernation filled with laughs and family down time.  Enhancing a space with inviting bold palettes is perfect for preparing the home for the winter months ahead. Remember, when decorating, to choose practical and functional items. Increased allergens during the colder months are high, so, picking items that are washable and easy to clean are beneficial.

Tactile Textures
Multy Home’s Lexington adds a rugged appearance to any room by creating a textured look.  Its regal design and bold colour palette perfectly accents any décor. Use at the front door or in a mudroom to keep dirt at bay, or outdoors to lift debris from under shoes and boots.

Luxuriously Washable
Floors accumulate the most dirt; having mats that are washable ease the pain when cleaning. Multy Home designed a large collection in soft, neutral palettes. Decorating a room can pose a challenge; with mats that are functional, it’s a cinch!

Boot Bunker
Oftentimes we put our boots in the closet. It’s difficult to clean such a confined space. With Multy Home boot trays, they are not only easy to clean, but your shoes will finally have a place to call their own.

Let's Head to Monaco
This mat is as minimal as one can get. With its sleek design and easy-to-clean surface, it makes a statement. We suggest placing Multy Home Monaco anywhere in the home! – The textured, yet smooth surface will have you basking in delight.


What Garden Type Are You?

Feeling saddened by the cold weather creeping in? Take heart: anyone can enjoy the summer bliss despite the lower than normal temperatures. We recommend these different garden types to fully embrace your outdoor love.

Let the Zen In
The philosophy behind this garden resides wholeheartedly in finding peace in nature. To fully embrace the amity vibes, plant large evergreens and shrubs. These trees will remain green all winter long, so you can enjoy the blissful beauty and embrace your outdoor love. Add Multy Home’s envirotile™ as the floor base and accent cushions in red to finish the look.

Rustic Haven
Who doesn’t love the country? Especially when it’s in your backyard! Overly embellished flowers and trees are the staple for any country lover. Tousled bushes and over the top floral beds will also help bring in the desired rustic appeal. 
A Regal Resort
Imperialism might be an understatement for this colonized outdoor space. It's English chic meets outlandish color creating a unique blend that meshes oh so perfectly. With the city line view and strategically placed accessories, William and Kate might have to make a pit-stop at this household.

Walk This Way
Walkways can look boring. Try outlining it with shrubbery; to really push the limits add Multy Home’s envirotile™ in Terra Cotta. For even more luxury plant some flowers and herbs.


Inspirational Thanksgiving Decor

Thanksgiving officially marks the onset to many more winter festivities. From Halloween, to Christmas, to New Years, all these holidays hold the same purpose – celebrating with family and friends while eating a delicious meal. Here are five fabulous harvest decor items. 

Gettin’ Twiggy With It

You can get decorating tips from simply stepping outdoors. The barren trees are a definite call-out that winter is upon us, but, don’t fret, simply transcend by finding twig-garland patterns that have traditional harvest colour tones indicative to the season.

Pumpkin Pick Me Up

We often associate orange with Halloween. Not true! This bright colour can enhance a dull and boring room, so don’t limit it to one season. Styleathome.com talks about the power orange has in any home and we recommend it also. 

Oh, For the Love of Pie!

When it comes to the holidays, there’s nothing better than dessert. Try incorporating neutral, earthy tones to warm up a room. We saw this great décor piece from etsy.com. Add our easy-to clean bamboo mat to the mix and this room will be as delicious as its accessories.


Turn Over a New Leaf

Embrace the faux fern, without the dirt and bugs. This outdoor mat is beautifully embellished with organic looking leaves. Made from recycled rubber tires, it’s eco-friendly and will have Mother Nature jumping for joy.