Take the envirotile™ challenge and envirostyle it!

We took the envirotile™ challenge, that is, we wanted to prove that our eco-friendly tiles are extremely easy to install; are weather resistant and are fabulously eco-chic. 

The verdict: Not only are these tiles easy to install, but, they created quite a buzz from our neighbours who were constantly coming over for a closer look. 

With an all-female ‘Multy cast’ we took the initiative and began the landscaping task at 10am. We finished the install at 3pm.

What the space looked like before envirotile™ was installed:

Here are a images that show the all female 'Multy cast' do the installation; of course, pictures of the final product that show just how amazing these tiles look and how easily they can revamp any outdoor space! – Much easier than regular pavers!



For more pictures, please visit our Facebook page at: envirotile™ or follow us on Twitter @MultyHome

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