Tis the Season…To Decorate

Deck the Halls, well, your hallways that is with festive cheer. Try choosing bright reds, greens and oranges to bring the holidays indoors. With such warmth and vibrant colours, it will be difficult to ignore that Christmas has finally arrived!

Where to Place Mats
Place runners in high-traffic areas to protect the under surface.

Depending on your style, whether bold, classic or subtle, choose the design that best suit your décor needs. Soothe the holiday madness with the ease of choosing a chic look that will leave your floors protected and guests enjoying the comfort that accompanies these plush looks.


Preparing for the storm ahead

Take note to this image I snapped during my early morning trek with my dog. 
If a 10 foot Santa doesn’t say it, I will -my street has officially lit up with Christmas cheer! Most look forward to this all season long – including myself – albeit I’m not sure how I feel about a 10 foot Santa waving to me outside my window, but, regardless, the cheer may be here but winter is just around the corner. To prepare, we suggest pairing functional mats with season doormats.

Sweep Up the Holidays
Let visitor’s know that you are in the festive spirit with these holiday mats. With the bold red and green, it will definitely make a statement.

Bring on the Unexpected
In our household, we always have unplanned visits from family and friends during the holidays. Here are some simple solutions that will bring the home together for the expected and unexpected.

Multy Home’s two-toned hallway runner will eliminate scuff marks and dirt from getting on your floors. Find a high-traffic area to use this functional mat.

Our new Hudson mat has a durable top surface that is ideal for scraping off dirt from underfoot. Put in the front or back entrance ways.

Create a nook that has your guests wanting to take a load off. They may not stay long, or are longer than expected, but at least your rooms are set with dark colours that are in line with winter colour trends.


Remember, Remember the 11th of November

Lest we forget that this day memorializes all the soldiers who fought and died in battle. To commemorate such valour, we have some inspiring design motifs that are sparked by this day.

Look to the Poppy
Base your design off the symbolic poppy. With its bright red and dark black center, it’s sure to inspire.

Use these mats with red as the dominant colour to further your Remembrance Day design:


Pet Comfort

When decorating, we often subtract our furry friends from the equation. Include them in the process by creating a space that your pet can enjoy.

Outdoor Bliss

Animals need to go outside in order to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle. Give them a soft mat to lie on and further your shower of affection that your pet has come to expect.

My Doberman loves our print mats; soaks up the sun on this plush design!

Food Tray

Most animals are accustomed to their designated area where they can expect their food bowls; however, our precious little friends are notorious for spilling water and food onto the floor. Multy Home suggests using its pet mats or bone utility tray to eliminate any spillage, so cleanup remains a cinch!


Cutesy Paw Print Designs

Dog lovers, take note: Multy Home has created an assortment of paw print mats to extend your animal love to others. Put at the front door to greet yours guests and have them cooing over these cute designs!