Canada Day Home Design Tips

The quickest and most affordable way to polish the home is with the right accoutrement, both indoors and out. From throw rugs to accent mats, make a statement with these five home decorating tips.

#5 – Textured

Versatility can transform a room while accentuating personal style. Lexington mats are perfect for indoor or outdoor use. With simple white doors, purple flowers (to add a color-punch), and a steel chair this house respectfully maintains its humble roots. Multy’s Lexington mat in Sandstone adds textured elegance while blending effortlessly with the low key and easy-care ethos.

The Buy: Multy’s Sandstone Lexington mat (3 by 4 feet, indoor and outdoor use), $39.99CDN, homedepot.ca for stores.

#4 – Chalet

How quaint. With a bold door, choose a stately mat. The regal front door and entry pad equally accentuates the antique accessories, from the rust-color planters to the country styled indoor tiles - this geometric doormat chicly welcomes guests with its structured ‘HOME’ graphics.

The Buy: Multy’s Marble Home Doormat (18 by 30 inches), $15CDN, walmart.ca for stores.

#3 – Traditional Meets Modern

Accent a large spacious kitchen with playful stripes and colors. The white and black are stark – break up the austere tones with forceful color bands.

The Buy: Multy’s Sonoma Striped mat (3 by 4 feet), $10, Walmart.com for stores.

#2 – Functional
Dishes and comfort do not hold hands, especially when guests are over. Multy’s chef mat in black has a sleek sophistication that adds the functional cushioning needed underfoot-perfect for any home, where dishes are a never ending chore.

The Buy: Multy’s chef mat in black (18 by 30 inches), $25, walmart.ca for store locations.

#1 – Colonial

Play with color. With all this white, this two-toned mat in brown and red imposes a colonial look. Care-free and inviting, Multy’s Willow Merlot adds a pop of color without overkill. You can’t go wrong when you have a mat that speaks your language.

The Buy: Multy’s Willow Merlot (3 by 4 feet), $21.98CDN, walmart.ca for stores.


Backyard Patterns and Colours for the Summer Outdoors

Last weekend, we were outside on the patio eating dessert and drinking tea. The weather was gorgeous and we couldn't help but notice the neighbor's bright patio furniture. It announced itself stating: “I’m here!” We looked down at our own brown, outdated chairs and cushions and realized we needed a change that would give our backyard a little bit of life.

Here are some great ways to give your backyard some added personality:

Blue Muskoka chairs are perfect to enhance the back or front yard. These roomy and comfortable chairs are popping up all over the place, and they are the perfect way to not only spice up the patio, but to also sit back and enjoy the summer.  Muskoka chairs, Home Depot, $14.99 Recycled rubber envirotile™ flooring, Home Depot, $6.99.

These bold chair covers and pillows are a must-have! The detailed designs in red and orange accentuate neutral toned patio furniture; so instead of throwing out those old chairs, make them new all over again with fun patterns that are perfect for the outdoors. -- Martha Stewart Living, Home Depot, $14.99 (pillow) $39.99 (chair cover)

Mats are a perfect way to protect your deck, but they can also enhance any outdoor space. Find patterns and colors that will compliment your patio furniture, your deck or patio stones; even your favorite flowers in the garden!

Multy Home, LP, Monaco Mat, Costco

Martha Stewart Living, Home Depot, $99.99

Martha Stewart Living, Home Depot, $89.99

Keep cool under a colorful umbrella that will have guests gushing over the beautifully styled backyard.

These small and inexpensive tips enhances any outdoor decor or deck– so enjoy your tea with a touch of panache because summer will soon be gone in a flash!


Take the envirotile™ challenge and envirostyle it!

We took the envirotile™ challenge, that is, we wanted to prove that our eco-friendly tiles are extremely easy to install; are weather resistant and are fabulously eco-chic. 

The verdict: Not only are these tiles easy to install, but, they created quite a buzz from our neighbours who were constantly coming over for a closer look. 

With an all-female ‘Multy cast’ we took the initiative and began the landscaping task at 10am. We finished the install at 3pm.

What the space looked like before envirotile™ was installed:

Here are a images that show the all female 'Multy cast' do the installation; of course, pictures of the final product that show just how amazing these tiles look and how easily they can revamp any outdoor space! – Much easier than regular pavers!



For more pictures, please visit our Facebook page at: envirotile™ or follow us on Twitter @MultyHome


'How To' envirotile™ - DIY Landscape and Patio Designs

Every June I get excited because I know the warm weather has finally arrived and my outdoor projects can begin. When you have a patio that can entertain yourself and guests, it’s a beautiful feeling.  

Most are happy to find projects that take less time to do and more time to enjoy. envirotile™ is an eco-friendly product made from 100% recycled tires diverted from landfills. It's lightweight, great for the environment and looks fabulous!

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to install envirotile™

First, visit www.envirotile.ca and choose the color (earth, grey or terra cotta); then pick the style. After this, visit your local Home Depot store or go online at www.homedepot.ca or www.homedepot.com to purchase product.

 Remember to measure the square footage and calculate how many tiles are needed before visiting Home Depot or purchasing the product online.

The tiles are easy to install, just follow these simple steps:

1. Calculate the center of the space by measuring the length and width; divide the dimensions in two. Mark the center of the space to identify the approximate starting point for the installation.

2. Begin to lay the tiles from the center point of the space in both directions towards the edges. Fill in each of the four quadrants that you've created.

3. Upon reaching the edges, you may need to cut the tiles to fit within the desired space. To cut the tile, simply use a heavy duty utility knife. To fit tiles around irregular shapes
 (i.e. pipe) make a pattern                                             onto the tile and then cut with                                             the utility knife.

For a great utiltiy knife we recommend Olfa's Heavy Duty knife; available at Home Depot stores in Canada and the US.

Before envirotile™ application

After envirotile™ application
 For more information on 'how to' and envirotile™ FAQ's, please visit www.envirotile.ca


Tracy Moore – CityLine's “Around the House” Projects at Its Best

We went from wet and drab to hot and fab - no spring this season! Officially, summer begins on June 21st, but these warmer than seasonal temperatures have made me in the mood to party (reclusively, of course!)
To do so, we need a nice cool drink in hand. Tracy Moore, from CityLine, has recommended this ‘summer drink.’

I agree that this looks absolutely scrumptious.
Tracy also recommends envirotile™ to bring out your backyard beauty in ‘around the house’ projects. Check out her clip about envirotile™ on this CityLine episode:

Here are a few images to further inspire...

Remember that these items are sold exclusively at Home Depot stores in Canada and the US. So visit www.homedepot.ca or www.homedepot.com and begin your DIY projects.