Outdoor Living in the Garden

There’s an undeniable thrill in watching a landscaping project evolve from concept to tangible design. It’s an exciting achievement that every do – it – yourselfer needs to experience, at least once. When deciding to renew a home’s outdoor area, think about how you can reuse items that may not need replacing but just require some TLC. Not only will you remain in budget, but you will add your own personal touch and make the space that more meaningful. 
Taken from Breakfast Television's 48 hour Backyard Makeover
A backyard remains an ever changing area – a blank canvas – that rewards those who patiently tend to their garden. Naturally, after working hard to maintain a well-kept landscape, who wouldn’t want to sit back and enjoy its beauty? A well covered deck that incorporates both seating and dining creates a place to unwind and relish in the outdoors.

Bring the garden onto a porch with hanging plants or strategically placed planters. This added touch not only softens but allows a gentle flow when the eye moves from the deck to the garden. Take it a step further and add some furnishings, such as a throw mat or rug, to complete the look by bringing the indoors out.  

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