Pattern Praise

Certain times, I will read a great little feature about a design style that truly strikes a chord with me. This month, it was Canadian House and Home’s Pattern Play article on Vancouver designer Lael O’Brien.  Flipping through the pages, I was ecstatic to see such vibrant colours cladding the glossy white pages.  If you haven’t purchased the new House and Home issue, I highly recommend heading to the store to pick it up. Lael’s fresh style creates an infectious desire to renew the look of any space using patterned wallpaper, large floral prints and colourful pops that energize a room. Also the herringbone backdrop in the fireplace was a geometric look that made me light up with happiness – it’s the subtle touches that make the biggest impact! The shag rug brings texture to their living space and I couldn’t help but swoon over the kid’s rooms.  

Here's a Peak:

 All above images are taken from Canadian House and Home

Our Pattern Play look

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